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Customer Service

The senior managers of our club are committed to ensuring that we continually improve the level of service delivered to our customers. It is vitally important that all our employees at all times:

  • Understand that they represent the club.
  • Have a responsibility to uphold the commitments within this charter.
  • Have the responsibility to uphold our values.
  • Deliver warm and friendly customer service.
  • Help anyone that requires information or assistance.

Consultation & Information

Our principle consultation process is the Supporters Consultation Group (SCG). We will use the SCG to identify the most important issues, suggestions or questions that the club needs to communicate to ALL supporters. Each meeting will be attended by representatives of supporters' clubs, message boards and fanzines, season ticket holders and supporters. Club officials will meet with the SCG at least twice a year, and our answers will be communicated on our website. In addition to the SCG, the club will conduct on line research, giving thousands of supporters the opportunity to have their say on a wide range of club matters.

In addition to any specific consultation process instigated by the club, supporters are invited to contact us at any time should they have any ideas or suggestions that will help improve our operations. We would be more than happy to arrange to meet with you. Our nominated Supporter Liaison Officer is Lee Preece (Football Operations / Projects Manager), who can be contacted on 0121 326 1502 or by email

With regards to the provision of information, Supporters can keep up to date with Club information by visiting our website or following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter @avfcofficial


One way we can keep you updated with club news and important information is via email, so we would urge supporters to ensure we have the correct email address for you. If you would like to update or check the email address we have on your customer record then please call us on 0800 612 0970.

Our complaints policy

At Aston Villa, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. If you feel we have fallen short of your expectations, be it the level of service you have received, a policy we operate or a product we have sold it is important that you let us know.

How do I make a complaint?

Where possible, we ask that you put your comments in writing to Customer Complaints Manager, Villa Park, Birmingham, B6 6HE

To email a complaint, please email

In order for us to reply to a complaint it is essential at the time of writing (by post or by email) that you provide us with the following information:

  • Your client reference number(s).
  • Your current address.
  • Your contact telephone number(s).

Please note that without this information we may be unable to respond to your comments.

What will happen next?

All complaints received by the club are forwarded to the Complaints Manager and logged in to our complaints system. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and confirm to you the following:

  • The date your complaint was received.
  • A complaint reference number
  • The date by which you can expect our reply.
  • The department responsible for replying to your complaint.

It is our policy that the department to which your complaint relates is responsible for our reply. After carrying out an investigation in to your comments we aim to reply within 14 days of receiving your complaint.

What should I do if I have any feedback on the handling of my complaint?

Contact details for the Complaint Manager will be included on the acknowledgement of your complaint. We would welcome your comments on whether or not you feel we have responded accordingly to your comments.

Is it worth me complaining?

Our complaints procedure is an invaluable way of measuring the success of our operations. In a game of opinions, it is impossible for us to implement policies and procedures that will satisfy everyone. However, it is vitally important to us to listen when you feel we have got it wrong.

When considering our future strategies, analysing the complaints we receive is a fundamental part of the decision making process. As an integral part of the Villa family, we ask that you take the time to notify us when you have a complaint in order to help us get things right in the future.

What type of complaint does this policy relate to?

This policy relates to complaints made about the level of service you have received, a policy we operate or a product we have sold.

It is impractical for us to implement this policy if your complaint relates to playing matters (team selection, performance etc). All "pitch related" feedback we receive is noted and forwarded accordingly, but it is not feasible for us to engage on an individual basis regarding playing matters. Any public comments the club wishes to make regarding playing matters will be made via our website

If your complaint relates to the conduct of our employees, it may be necessary for us to deal with the complaint outside of the commitments made within this charter in order for us to comply with employment law.

Villa in Harmony

Villa in Harmony represents our commitment to achieving equality across all areas of our business.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment for all. We intend for Aston Villa to be an inclusive institution of equal opportunity and free from discrimination of any kind. We embrace all, regardless of age, colour, ethnic and national origin, nationality, religion or belief, gender, gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. Villa in Harmony represents equality everywhere.


We will strive for the widest possible accessibility to our matches by offering:

Access for All

We will advertise ticket availability, prices, change in ticketing policy and fixture changes as quickly as possible through our website, club publications and the media. Match tickets cover a broad range of prices and a minimum of 5% of our capacity will be available to non-season ticket holders. In certain areas of the stadium, concessions will be given to:

  • Under 8s (season tickets only)
  • Under 18s
  • Young adults 18 - 21
  • Over 65s
  • Full-time Students
  • Serving members of the Armed forces
  • Supporters with a restricted view of the pitch (supporters will be informed of the restriction at the time of purchase).

Access for Families

Particular emphasis will be given to encouraging young people and their families to Villa Park. We will always provide an area of the ground for the exclusive use of family groups and junior supporters.

Access for Disabled Supporters

We offer a system of concessionary ticket prices tailored for disabled supporters. The scheme will apply to those supporters where a reasonable adjustment has been made to facilitate viewing or where a personal support need has been identified. Concessions will not be based on impairment type but will recognise that some disabled supporters have a restricted choice of viewing area in the stadium and / or could not attend a match without personal support or the provision of an auxiliary aid. Where the need for personal support has been identified the club will admit the personal assistant free of charge on the understanding that they are providing a service to the disabled supporter to enable them to access match day facilities. For full details on disabled ticketing please call 0121 326 1518 or email our disabilities department.

Please click here to download our Guide to Accessible facilities at Villa Park

Access for Visiting Supporters

Aston Villa will abide by competition rules governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs. Prices for visiting supporters will be no higher than those charged for home supporters for comparable areas of Villa Park. Concessionary rates will be honoured.

Access to Cup Matches

The price of tickets for cup matches will be agreed with our opponents. By joining the automated cup scheme, season ticket holders will be given the opportunity to purchase their usual seat. If their usual seat is allocated to the opposition (due to competition rules) or the area is unavailable to purchase for a cup game then alternative seating will be offered.

Access to Replays of Abandoned Games

Free admission to the re-arranged fixture will be given if a match is abandoned after spectators are admitted to the ground but before kick-off. Half-price admission to the re-arranged fixture will be given if a match is abandoned after kick-off.

Access to Refunds

We will refund the cost of match tickets (not booking fees) if the ticket is returned to the consumer sales office not later than 24 hours prior to kick-off.

Access to Season Tickets

We will offer an easy payment scheme to enable supporters to purchase season tickets by instalments via Zebra Finance.

Access to Away Match Tickets

Priority will be given to season ticket holders that regularly attend away matches, and then to other season ticket holders. Remaining tickets will then be placed on priority sale.

Junior Membership

Our junior membership JV Life demonstrates the clubs commitment to families and bringing our young lions closer to the club. JV Life, which is free to all junior season ticket holders, offers members great benefits throughout the year including regular comics, the chance to be a mascot, and the increasingly popular Christmas parties.

Our mascots and JV Life ambassadors Hercules, Bella and Chip are also on hand at the many other junior focused events held at the club - epitomised by our regular Family Fun Days at Villa Park. Our junior website also aims to engage all children across the City of Birmingham with a range of games, activities, and healthy eating tips.


Aston Villa will undertake research on the design and number of new strips. All replica strip design will have a minimum life span of one season. The life span of replica strip will be communicated on packaging and in our brochures. The club will carry out its obligation under the Premier League rule book to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica kit. We will offer refunds on merchandise in accordance with our legal obligations.

Signed Memorabilia

Our support for fundraising activity is extensively for Acorns Children's Hospice and is provided directly given our strong relationship; thus any additional requests to fundraise for Acorns should be made directly to the Hospice. Our limited resource of signed memorabilia support the fundraising activities of local charity contacts who actively and positively help local causes within close proximity to the club.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As an iconic institution that has an important place in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Birmingham and the greater Birmingham area, we recognise the important role Aston Villa can play in making a difference within Birmingham and beyond.

In October 2013 the club launched Villa in the Community - the name for the club's new charity and the banner under which all our CSR and community work falls under. Our mission is to use the power of the Aston Villa brand to address social issues and affect positive change.

Our work stretches across five broad areas of social importance:

Football and Sports Participation - encouraging active participation in sport and the adoption of healthy activity.

Education - supporting the educational development of young people and motivating desire and aspiration for skills development amongst all groups.

Health - Addressing health issues that are of strategic importance within our community.

Youth/Cohesion and Inclusion - providing provision for those considered to be on the fringes of societal support and encouraging and fostering better community cohesion supported by our Villa in Harmony initiative.

Environment - working with others to encourage greater sustainability and protecting the environment.

As a charity Villa in the Community will look to expand on the great work already being done. Our aim is to seek out funding opportunities and to work with new partners who share our passion in making a difference within the community. We take a diverse approach to ensure sufficient breadth is achieved in supporting charities and organisations that are addressing a variety of important needs. While resource constraints will inevitably limit support capabilities, we will nonetheless make every endeavour to support as many good causes as possible.

The club's relationship with Acorns Children's hospice, who provide care for children with life limiting conditions, is strong and they remain the club's charity partner. Much of the club's charitable support goes to Acorns and we continue to strive to support their improvement of this important provision across the region.

Data Protection

Information and data on our customers may be stored on a computer or manual files in order to maintain accurate records and may be analysed to assist us in providing our products and services to you. We may, from time to time, contact you by letter, phone, email or otherwise to inform you about events, products or services that we think might be of interest to you. Customers can advise us at any time if they wish to opt out of receiving this information and have the choice to opt out of just correspondence from third parties, or all correspondence.

Unless you have given your consent, we will not provide information about you to third parties to use for their marketing purposes. You have the right of access to information we hold about you on payment of a fee. Please let us know if anything is inaccurate or incorrect and we will correct it. To exercise any of these rights please contact our Marketing Department on 0121 327 2299 or email

Our Motto

Prepared… to play to the best of our ability; to involve our fans in everything we do; to champion the game of football and to be active members of our local community.

Our Vision

To use the glories of the past to spur us on to write new exciting chapters for future generations; to be admired as a successful, dynamic club both domestically and internationally; to recruit world-class partners that share our vision; to offer our clients unique business opportunities; to provide fans with a rewarding and exhilarating experience; to be at the heart of the Villa family around the world; to play a major part in our local community and to create an environment where all our employees feel valued, involved and respected.

Our Values

You achieve nothing in football without a superb team ethic - both on and off the field. This togetherness means everyone counts. Everyone's role is important. We're proud of our heritage and focused on future success. We have a firm commitment to be as successful as possible, and to embrace equality and diversity through Villa in Harmony. Everything we do must have integrity and be in the interests of the club. Our policy is one of openness and we welcome input from all.We want to provide visitors with the best possible experiences - full of entertainment and excitement.

Our Personality

With a quiet confidence based on a pride in our history and our successes; with a passion for the club and its fans; with energy, enthusiasm and a spirit that befits a club with a lion as its mascot; with an engaging personality that welcomes all-comers; and with a professional attitude at all times - on and off the pitch.

Our Message

We're proud of our history and traditions but we don't live in the past. Instead, the glories of our past are a spur to write new chapters in the history of our club. The white star on our club crest signifies the greatest achievement in our history, while also signifying our ultimate future goal, becoming European champions again.

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