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Important Parking and Travel Information

If you travel by car, please plan your journey, and use the Matchday Transport Map at the bottom of each of the travel sections to locate the most suitable official car park to use.

The map also highlights other transport opportunities to Villa Park.

If you have to travel by car, we would ask that you consider car sharing by registering on the AVFC Car Share Scheme.


Parking Restrictions

Please be aware that in the interest of pedestrian safety, a TRAFFIC EXCLUSION ZONE is imposed around Villa Park on matchdays and a RESIDENTS PARKING SCHEME will also be in operation.

Parking in local streets should be avoided at all times.

Home Coach/Minibus Park

Free parking for Home Coaches is available at BEAUCREST, located on Holdford Road via Nobel Way (near to Witton Train Station). Minibus parking is available at the same site at £12 per minibus.

Due to the traffic exclusion zone that operates around Villa Park from 75 minutes before kick-off, we recommend that COACHES looking to access the Home Coach Park use junction 7 of the M6 and access the site from North of Villa Park via ASTON LANE (turning left at Witton Island).

If you do use junction 6, make sure you arrive in plenty of time, and before the traffic exclusion zone is in operation.

BEAUCREST is only a five minute walk to the stadium.

Reservations for HOME COACH parking must be made 24 hours before kick-off to ensure a space is reserved. The £12 fee for minibuses is payable in cash on the day to the third party that operate the BEAUCREST site.

For more information and to reserve parking, please email: Home Coach Park

Away Coach/Minibus Park

Free parking for away coaches is available opposite Villa Park in the Away Coach Park.

Parking for Minibuses is available at BEAUCREST, located on Holdford Road via Nobel Way (near to Witton Train Station). Minibus parking is at BEUACREST is charged at £12 per minibus.

If you organise away coach or minibus travel to Villa Park, please notify the Football Liaison Department located at Queens Road Police Station in advance of your travel arrangements on 0121 322 6077.


If you are visiting Villa Park on non-match days there are a number of parking areas and facilities for bicycles.

You may find the transport map useful to locate the most suitable car park or assist you with other travel options, such as using taxis or public transport as a part of your journey.

The North Stand Car Park is usually available on non match days for easy access to the main Ticket Office and Villa Village store.

Travel Plan Objectives

Each year, Aston Villa creates a travel plan which is submitted to Birmingham City Council for approval.

The travel plan, created by our Transport Committee, includes a number of targets we aim to meet as part of our objectives. Each year we conduct a travel survey (supporters and staff) so we can measure our success against these targets.

Some of our key targets from the 2015 travel plan and measurements against these targets are as follows:

  • Increase the number of supporters travelling to the stadium by sustainable transport to 40% by 2018
  • Reduce the number of people travelling alone by car to matches to 13.6% by 2018
  • Increase the number of combined walking and cycling journeys by 5%

Each year we conduct a travel survey to measure our success in achieving these targets.


Transport Map

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